Upcoming Tournaments

Memorial Day Mixer

Date: Monday, May 27th – 12 to 2pm
Format: Partners are paired together to allow for the fairest teams. Game length and number of matches are subject to number of participants.
Cost: $25

Mixed Pickle Member-Guest

Date: Saturday, June 29th at 9am
Format: All white clothing event. Round robin based on the result, pro making the draw for the playoffs. Buffet lunch, favors and prizes.
Price: $70/player.

League Champions Berkshire Pickleball Tournament

4th of July Mixer

Date: Saturday, July 6th at 9am
Format: Round robin each round you play with different partners and opponents.
Price: $25/player

Singles Club Championship

Date: Friday, July 19th at 4pm
Format: depends on the number of players. Snacks, drinks, and prizes.
Price: $15/player.


Date: Saturday, July 27th
Men’s: 9am start
Women’s: 2pm start
Format: Two round-robin pools, based on result-determined seedings for the playoff bracket. Lunch, tournament gifts, drinks, and prizes.
Price: $70/player.

Mixed Club Championship

Date: Friday, August 9th at 4pm
Format: Depends on the number of players. Snacks, drinks, and prizes included.
Price: $15/player.

Kitchen Cup Berkshire Pickleball Tournament

Club Championship

Date: Saturday, August 24th at 9am

Senior Club Championship

Date: Friday, August 30th at 4pm

Ladder League Championship

Date: Saturday, September 7th at 9am