Instructional Videos

Coach Athena | Improve Your Pickleball Dinks

Athena Trouillot shows us the proper way to dink, dinking strategy and some great drills to improve your dinking accuracy.

Pickleball: Third Shot Drops

Third Shot Drops are a key moment in advanced pickleball. But have you ever noticed that top players often hit them while standing on just one leg? Why might they use this “flamingo” technique?

How To Get To The Net FAST! (Even From Behind The Baseline)

Want to know how to get to the no matter where you are on the court. Here’s how to get up to the net FAST even if you’re hitting from behind the baseline…

How To Get To The Net After A Bad 3rd Shot Drop

Everyone hits bad 3rd shot drops…even the Pros! If you want to be a high level player you have to learn to recover from it. Here’s how…

#1 Pickleball Strategy To Attacking From Below Net Height With Riley Newman

When it comes to attacking from the net, many players force the issue and will attack too soon on either a ball they are’t really set up for well or will have a bad contact point on or both.

3rd Shot Success with Dave Weinbach

o you struggle with your 3rd shot? If you do or if you’d simply like your 3rd shot to be better then this is the lesson for you. In this video US Open Champion and National Champion Dave Weinbach will share with us some great tips and advise on how to hit a reliable and effective 3rd shot drop.

5 Tips for PERFECT Pickleball Serve Technique

Serve not as consistent or powerful as you want it to be? One of these 5 pickleball serving tips is probably the reason. Fix these and you’ll nail it every time…