Thursday Night Ladder


Weekly Pairings

September 8th – Week 12

Michael Comalli
Matt Masiero
Ashley Miller
Michelle Petricca
5:00PM on Court 1
Marquee Match
September 8th, 2022 – 5:00PM Court 1
4:00 PM on Court 1: Tyler Besse, Cam Besse, James Comalli & Jon Pickwell
4:00 PM on Court 3: Megan Babich, Tom Mooney, Frankie Donuts & Eric Lamoureaux
5:00 PM on Court 1: Michael Comalli, Matt Masiero, Ashley Miller & Michelle Petricca
5:00 PM on Court 2: Norma Comalli, Neal Maxymillian, Don Troy & Tucker McNinch
5:00 PM on Court 3: Hank Langendorf, Steve Murdock, Lisa Loring & Herb Kantor
5:00 PM on Court 4: Lori Troy, Maria Sirois, Greg Knight & Tyler**
6:00 PM on Court 1: Brian Tremblay, Nikki Knight, Mike Coakley & Jeffrey Caligari
6:00 PM on Court 3: Phil Mamolito, Erin Carlotto, Paul Tartell & Jodi Tartell


Post Week 12

Signed UpRankPlayerLeague PointsWin-LossSweepsTotal PointsWeeks PlayedPoints Per GamePoints Per WeekWinsWin %
Yes1Brian Tremblay42624-944911113.744.62473%
Yes2Matt Freitag40924-934771113.343.42473%
Yes3James Comalli40522-844371013.443.72273%
Yes4Cam Besse39020-1024221013.142.22067%
Yes5Megan Babich38622-1434681212.1392261%
Yes6Nikki Knight37517-1314091012.840.91757%
Yes7Jon Pickwell37418-1214061012.740.61860%
Yes7Tyler Besse37419-1434311112.239.21958%
Yes9Matt Masiero37016-1413951012.439.51653%
Yes10Mike Coakley36715-1513891012.238.91550%
11Tom Mooney36616-1704151111.937.71648%
Yes12Jeffrey Caligari36116-1423861012.138.61653%
Yes12Michael Comalli36119-1714371211.436.41953%
Yes14Ashley Miller36018-91360912.3401867%
Yes14Eric Lamoureaux36014-131360912.6401452%
16Neal Maxymillian35815-1804111111.837.41545%
Yes17Frankie Donuts35717-1323761011.737.61757%
Yes18Mark Fischetti35514-1603821012.138.21447%
19Erin Carlotto34716-1413751011.837.51653%
20Michelle Petricca34614-130346912.138.41452%
Yes21Don Troy34318-1513971111.236.11855%
Yes22Tucker McNinch34215-122342911.9381556%
22Justin McKennon34214-132342911.9381452%
Yes24Norma Comalli34115-1813881111.135.31545%
25Phil Mamolito33315-2104101210.834.21542%
26Heidi Schwartz33216-1713741110.6341648%
Yes27Jarod Goodrich33013-141330911.536.71348%
28Martin Engels31912-150319911.235.41244%
Yes29Paul Tartell31710-2003341010.733.41033%
Yes30Jodi Tartell31414-1913611110.432.81442%
31Frank Mirchin31314-131313910.934.81452%
31Tom Campoli31311-16131391134.81141%
Yes31Hank Langendorf31312-2103521110.2321236%
34Bill Baron31012-1803321010.533.21240%
Yes35Steve Murdock30614-1903521110.1321442%
36Andy Kelly30312-12130381237.91250%
37Perri Petricca27914-71279712.339.91467%
Yes38Lori Troy2658-160265810.633.1833%
39Sean Purcell26411-101264711.937.71152%
Yes40Lisa Loring2617-170261810.532.6729%
41Jamie Moscowitz2569-121256711.536.6943%
Yes42Herb Kantor25312-62253613.142.21267%
43Mike Latini2257-140225710.332.1733%
Yes43Craig Vickers2258-16022588.928.1833%
45Austin Frye21511-41215513.2431173%
46Michael Salke2149-12021479.630.6943%
47Gary Moscowitz2117-111211611.235.2739%
48Maria Sirois1998-101199610.433.2844%
49Keith Belton1788-70178511.135.6853%
50Matt Scarafoni1256-30125312.941.7667%
Yes51Jonathan Danforth1164-51116312.238.7444%
52Silvana Kirby1111-14011157.322.217%
53Robyn Huban1033-9010348.325.8325%
54Lenny Light1014-50101310.733.7444%
54Lexie Bullard1013-9010148.125.3325%
Yes56David Rosenthal873-608739.229333%
57Gerry Denmark723-607237.624333%
58Greg Knight601-506029.830117%
59Jon Gotterer382-1038111.738267%
60Richard Pollack341-203411134133%
61Rich Rowe311-203111031133%
61Len Schiller310-3031110.33100%
63Cynthia Danforth271-202718.727133%
64James Beauregard130-301314.31300%

League Format

Thursday evenings with scheduled match times between 4pm-7pm

After you register for the league, each week that you are available to play fill out the “Weekly Sign Up Form“. From there we will take all of the registered participants for the week and place them into groups of 8. The group of 8 will be based on your standings in the league. The top 8 will be one group, the next 8 will be another group, and so on. The group of 8 will be randomized into two groups of 4. These pairings and start times are released weekly on Tuesday mornings by noon and can be found on the league page of the website. The start times will be anywhere from 4pm to 7:00pm depending on the number of sign-ups for the week. Only sign up if you are available to play within that timeframe.

In your assigned foursome you will play one game with each member of your group. The order of this is up to the group to decide. Each game is first to 11. This guarantees you 3 games and about an hour of play time.

You will receive points for the week based on the scores of your games. For example let’s say your scores were 11-10, 5-11, and 11-8. Your points for the week would be 27. Additionally, you receive bonus points for winning matches. If you win 1 of your matches you get 1 bonus point, 2 of your matches 3 bonus points, and if you win all 3 you get 5 bonus points. Therefore the most points you could receive in a given week is 38, also known as a Sweep. In our example above, that person would receive 30 total points for the week. Three weeks are dropped throughout the season to allow for missed weeks.

We then take all of the points throughout the season and use them to decide who gets to be paired up for the League Playoffs and Championships. The #1 league-ranked player will get to play with the #2, the #3 with the #4, and so on. The nice thing about this format is that everyone who plays in the league gets to play in the championship regardless of your total points at the end of the season. This allows people to join late and miss certain weeks while still being able to win the whole league.

Additional League Rules:

  1. “Road Rules” – the roadside of the court always starts with the ball.
  2. Switch sides when either team hits 6 points.
  3. During each of the three matches, each team is allowed 1 two minute timeout if they would like.
    • You are also allowed a quick water break (about 10 seconds) at any point if needed. Please stay hydrated.
  4. If we have a rainout, none of the games from that week will count.

Season Schedule

Regular Season

Thursday Nights
June 1st through September 7th


Sunday, September 10th
Beginning at 9:30am

Interested in Joining the Ladder League?